Vice President and Secretary beginning in June 2020

The Mountain Desert District Board of the UUA has two upcoming positions open to persons across the district. The MDD is comprised of congregations in Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Texas, and New Mexico.

This opportunity is perfectly suited for persons interested in growing their UU identity and connection, helping the district accomplish its mission, and connecting congregations to the larger UU movement. All the positions are volunteer-only, but travel expenses are paid by the district.

General duties and responsibilities:

  • Attends in-person board meetings twice a year – once in conjunction with the annual business meeting and once in an MDD location
  • Participates in monthly online meetings on Zoom platform
  • Assists with 3 – 4 phone calls monthly to congregational leaders to survey them concerning their relationship with district and region and the services they receive
  • Manages the Chalice Lighters program, to include: soliciting grants, reviewing proposals, and awarding funds to congregations needing financial support for special projects
  • Is knowledgeable about MDD by-laws, business meetings, credentialing, budgets, governance, and leadership training
  • Special board need: a person with organizing skills for developing a handbook of board policies and procedures
  • MDD has a letter of agreement with the UUA for Regional Services and works closely with the PWR Lead and the Congregational Life Staff

Vice President:

  • Vice President will become President in 2021 and assume those duties.
  • The President attends the UUA General Assembly.


  • Secretary is responsible for taking minutes of meetings, distributing and posting minutes to board and MDD webpage.
  • Secretary also certifies delegates, quorum requirements, and meeting minutes.

People with disabilities, people of color, Indigenous people, Hispanic/Latinx, and LGBTQ candidates are encouraged to apply. The MDD is committed to developing a diverse and talented board.  Former and current board members and UUA staff are available to assist you in growing into this important leadership role.

Interested persons should contact Judy Bentley for more information by January 2020 at  Incoming officers will be voted in at the Annual Business Meeting on May 2 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.