Dear MDD Chalice Lighter,

Thank you for your generous commitment to growing our faith by helping other UU churches in the Mountain Desert District (MDD). The spring 2018/19 call is to assist the San Juan Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Farmington, NM with a building project.

The Church Board President writes,

“We have bats in our belfry (attic). We discovered the problem when we found a dead bat in the sanctuary. Bats are protected in New Mexico, and we could do nothing until the winter when they left and flew to a warmer climate.

“The estimate for sealing the building and removing the guano is approximately $6,500 to $7,000. We have been in contact with a contractor to seal the building but removing the guano takes specialized suits and equipment.

“We are working to grow the congregation, in many ways. Having a building that is safe and clean will help with that effort.”

We appreciate donations in any form but please be aware that electronic donations cost less to process than checks. Direct costs for administering each call will be deducted before grants are awarded in order to reimburse the Pacific Western Region, so the less we spend on mailing and processing, the more we can give directly to our congregations.

You can donate online at our new Giving Page. If you are mailing a check, make it payable to MDD Chalice Lighters and mail to the new address below. If you utilize a third party to issue checks, please give them the updated address.

MDD Chalice Lighters
P.O. Box 567
Brighton, CO  80601

Contributions to the San Juan UU Fellowship call will be accepted through June 27. 

If you have questions, please write to

In faith,
Judy Bentley, MDD Board President