Dear MDD Chalice Lighter,

Thank you for your generous commitment to growing our faith by helping other UU Churches in the Mountain Desert District (MDD). The last of the three calls for 2018 is to assist the Namaqua Unitarian Universalist congregation in Loveland, Colorado with a building project.The Church Treasurer in the application writes: After meeting in seven different rentals (nomads!) over the course of 15 years, we are proud to have purchased our first “home”. We knew our building would need painting within five years – but upon deeper investigation we find that:

  1. Lead paint was used sometime in its 100-year history (built in 1915) and not previously addressed and;
  2. There is a need for siding repairs and the sooner the better.

Painting and siding repairs requires considerable lead abatement and the need is more expensive and more urgent than we anticipated.

Our Chalice Lighter ask is for all or part of the $9,000 for painting lead abatement and siding repair. The official estimate for all the work came in at $13,750! The church had anticipated and budgeted $4500 for painting before the lead paint was discovered. The bid is from a local firm in whom the Church Board appointed liaison has confidence and has expertise to make sure we take good care of this historic church. We also have in-congregation expertise with historical buildings.

Our lead abatement/siding/painting project will be a success when this work is professionally completed. The exterior integrity of the building will be refurbished and the building will be seen as an inviting historical landmark in Loveland. We believe that using the capital we have to reach out to the growing communities we serve (Loveland, Berthoud, Longmont) would help our congregation and Unitarian Universalism continue to grow. In fact, we’re already seeing growth in our membership of 5% in one year from 108 to 113.

Please be assured that, although your donation is processed in the Pacific Western Regional office in Seattle, your Chalice Lighter contributions always go exclusively to MDD congregations. Each of the other districts in the Pacific Western Region has its own Chalice Lighter’s program.

Your gifts will be accepted towards this call through December 3, 2018. Ten percent of each call helps reimburse expenses to administer the program. To make your payment online, please use the donation link. If mailed, please send your check, payable to MDD Chalice Lighters to: MDD Chalice Lighters, 7511 Greenwood Avenue North, #414, Seattle, WA 98103-4627. Please include the MDD-CL designation on both your check and payment envelope.

In faith,

Judy Bentley, MDD Board President