Dear MDD Chalice Lighters Member,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the 2017/18 Fall Chalice Lighters Call. Two congregations seeking to enhance RE programming will share this award.

Two Rivers UU in Carbondale, CO is seeking to expand RE from one to three classes and establish a “children’s chapel.” To accomplish these goals the congregation wants to double the RE director’s time to enable her to train volunteers to become Sunday School teachers as well as to organize volunteers and to select curricula. Two Rivers hopes that by expanding their RE they will enable overall growth. They perceive they can grow well beyond their current membership of 60 adults. The grant request is for a total of $7,000 to enable doubling the time for the RE director and to provide for additional training and materials.

Columbine UU Church of Littleton, CO is seeking to hire a “Youth Services Coordinator” at the cost of $3,500 for a year. Columbine is currently at 92 adult members and with a single service on Sunday currently the sanctuary feels “cramped.” By adding a second service with a specific youth orientation, crowding would be alleviated and there will be an opportunity to attract more youth to the church. The proposal is for the youth coordinator to work 10 hours per week for 30 Sundays over the course of a year. The total cost of the project is $4,500 with the congregation providing $1,000.

We intend to divide the total received from this call into 2/3 for Two Rivers and 1/3 for Columbine. Please give as generously as you can for these wonderful opportunities to invest in our children and youth.

Also please rest assured that although the calls are administered by Pacific West Region staff your Chalice Lighter gift will definitely go to congregations in the Mountain Desert District. You can submit your donation online. You may also write a check and mail it to MDD Chalice Lighters, 7511 Greenwood Avenue North, #414, Seattle, WA 98103-4627. If you send a check, please write MDD CL in the memo line of your check and on the payment envelope.

Contributions for this call will be accepted through October 23, 2017. Any donations received after that date will go toward the MDD Chalice Lighters Undesignated Fund. Ten percent of each calls reimburses regional expenses to administer the program. Feel free to contact me if you have questions and again thank your for your support of our MDD.


Yours in faith,

Victor Ashear, MDD Board President