Make Your Winter Call Contribution

Dear Chalice Lighters Member,

First I would like to thank you for participation in Chalice Lighters! Your support, and that of others like you, has brought many wonderful achievements to our faith in our district including hiring of new congregational staff, building purchase and remodeling.

In the spirit of partnership with the other districts in the Pacific Western Region, MDD will have only two Chalice Lighters Calls this fiscal year ending in June 2017. Next year we will have three calls in alignment with our partner districts. One additional change in the Chalice Lighters program is that we’ll be sending a separate announcement for each call rather than a single announcement for all the calls each year.

This month’s call is for a very exciting project. The UU Fellowship of Bozeman Montana has been growing to the point that it has outgrown its rental space. Their small space has required them to hold two Sunday services.

The congregation was privileged to have a generous donor, Cathy Cooper, purchase a building for us based on our raising the money to expand and remodel it.  Her generosity inspired and spurred the congregation into action, and UUFB raised $575,000 in pledges, which in a very fast expanding community doesn’t go as far as it used to.  The pledges plus a mortgage has UUFB on their way to their own home after 60+ years of being “the church in a Subaru” renting all over town!  Your help will enable UUFB to work on paying that mortgage down.

The Bozeman congregation is “remodeling the former Shining Mountain Lutheran Church to approximately double its former size to 5000 sq. ft. as well as installing a paved parking area with storm water containment, covered bike rack, and landscaping. The enlarged building will provide Sunday service space, a kitchen and social hall, appropriate RE classrooms (at last!), and bring our office space under the same roof.” (From the grant application)

We are asking for a minimum contribution of $20 for this worthy project if you can afford it. Please note that this call will be open through March 13, 2017. After that date, any donations received will go to the Chalice Lighters Undesignated Fund. 10% of call receipts go towards helping offset the direct cost of administering the Chalice Lighters program.

You now have the opportunity to make your contribution online! If you would like to track your donations to MDD Chalice Lighters, you may create a profile; although neither a profile nor a log-in is required to donate.

You may also write a check, make it payable to MDD Chalice Lighters and mail it to:

MDD Chalice Lighters
7511 Greenwood Avenue North, #414
Seattle, WA 98103-4627

Please note that the above address is new. Feel free to contact me if you have questions and again thank you for your support of our MDD.

Yours in faith,

Victor Ashear
MDD Board President