Make your contribution to the 2016/17 spring call now

Dear MDD Chalice Lighters Member,

I am happy to report that in response to our request our request the MDD Board received many applications for the spring call. Thanks to all congregations that submitted proposals! We won’t have a call this summer but will have a call in the fall. Next year we will seek applications for calls in winter and spring.

The spring call for this year has been awarded to The UU Fellowship of Durango Colorado (UUFD). This congregation has been growing steadily since calling its first minister, Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris, in 2015. The fellowship now needs to expand to the second floor of their building in order to accommodate a larger group. Funding assistance will help the fellowship to create an access to the second floor of their existing building compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Until now the group was renting the second floor. The proposal is for funding to build a lift.

“A vertical lift will be installed inside the perimeter of the existing 8’ x 20’ covered wooden porch/deck, which is the main entrance into the upper level of the building. The existing porch/deck directly above a new concrete slab will be removed, and a new wall constructed on the west and north sides from the ground to the porch roof height will protect lift users from inclement weather. Sliding porch-type windows in these new walls will allow daylight to enter the lift shaft. A new concrete walkway will lead from the main sidewalk to the storm door-covered ground level entrance to the lift.”

“Many of our newest members and visitors are families with children. UUFD is at capacity in our Faith Formation classrooms. Moving offices from the Faith Formation wing adjacent to the sanctuary and into the second floor of our other building will make more space available for our Faith Formation Program, provide a more conducive office environment for staff, create work space for volunteers and meeting space for committees and ministry teams.” (quoted from the proposal)

The cost of this project is estimated to be about $13,000. We are asking for a minimum contribution of $20 for this worthy project but donations at any level are greatly appreciated. You can make your contribution to the 2016/17 spring call here. You may also write a check and mail it to 7511 Greenwood Avenue North, #414, Seattle, WA 98103-4627. Feel free to contact me if you have questions and again thank your for your support of our MDD.

Yours in faith,

Victor Ashear, MDD Board President