Pacific Western Region (PWR)

Youth Event

Scholarship Application

The purpose of the Youth Program Scholarship Fund is to make YRUU experiences accessible to as many individuals as possible. The expectation is that for our youth to grow, it takes a commitment from the youth, their congregation, and the larger movement; therefore all applicants are expected to also seek funds from their home congregation, fundraising, etc.  Preference with be given to youth with proposals that include multiple sources of funds to supplement their scholarship.

YRUU in PWR inspires youth to:

  • Articulate beliefs
  • Develop spiritual practice
  • Engage in justice making rooted firmly in faith, love and trust
  • Foster personal and religious resilience.

Scholarships will be given to applicants who demonstrate the ability to make an impact on their home congregation by continuing these practices after the event.


  1. Answer all questions completely
  2. Include supplemental material relevant to the application: documentation of participation in your home congregation, demonstrated leadership, etc.
  3. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the application process please contact Eric Bliss, Pacific Western Region Youth Specialist at ebliss[at]uua[dot]org.

Criteria for Evaluation:

  • Value the YRUU experience will have for you, your friends and home congregation
  • Demonstration of a solid relationship with your home congregation
  • Demonstration of a reasonable need for financial assistance
  • Secured funding from other sources: participant’s congregation, personal fundraising, camper’s family, etc.

Applications must be received

by one month prior to event deadline.

Any late applications will not be considered.

Step 1

Please write your proposal for how you, your congregation, and the region / district will work together to provide the financial means for your attendance at this event.

Step 2

Please thoroughly answer (3-5 sentences) one the following questions and submit with your application

  • Articulating Beliefs: Youth can have an important impact on their UU congregations by helping people remember the power of community, the importance of spiritual partnerships and the transformational power of love. If you had an open mic and your whole congregation was listening, what advice would you give them?
  • Spiritual Discipline: Spiritual practices happen more than just on a Sunday morning. Journaling, music making, serving others, sharing a meal are all spiritual practices. Describe one of your spiritual practices as a Unitarian Universalist as if you were telling a newcomer in your home congregation.
  • Justice Making:   What do you see as your purpose AND role in helping to create a more just world? What gifts or questions do you bring to justice work?
  • Resilience: Personal resilience is the ability to maintain your integrity in difficult situations or to bounce back after you get knocked down or face a trauma. What does Religious Resilience mean to you?

Example Proposal with Step 1 Only (Thanks Tilcara Gay-Webb!)

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 4.54.17 PM