Chaplain training provides youth and adults with skills to support covenantal youth communities.  These trainings support invaluable life skills of affirming and emotionally supporting our fellow UU youth by helping manage crises, ensure a healthy and safe environment, and bringing spiritual resources and support to the various communities in which youth reside.  Youth and Adults(high school and above) are welcome to attend.

Chaplains, in this context, are individuals who work with youth and youth communities to help provide emotional support by ensuring a positive, healthy, and safe environment, by managing crises, and by bringing spiritual resources and guidance to the group.

All District sponsored youth events have a professional adult Chaplain, a youth Peer Chaplain (who is elected yearly), and a team of other trained adult and youth chaplains for seeing to the important work mentioned above.

Approximately every other year, the District offers a Chaplain Training which provides teaching in these invaluable life skills that participating individuals can then bring home to the respective communities in which they live and work.

The training is action packed with skits, songs, games, worship, discussion, multimedia, and a reverential, yet lighthearted approach to apprehending the role of Chaplain.