What is the MDD LREDA Chapter?

The MDD Chapter of LREDA is our district’s support for those who serve our congregations as religious educators. We are affiliated with the continental organization of LREDA.

Mission(revised March 2012)

Seeking to provide a guiding light for faith formation in our changing culture, MDD Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) will intentionally:

  • Be a learning community for religious professionals
  • Support each other personally, professionally and spiritually
  • Encourage authentic leadership with the goal of sustaining our work and empowering our members to be agents of change in our movement

Who can join?

Any member of continental LREDA*, with which we are affiliated, living within the MDD District. You can register online here.

When do we meet?

The MDD Chapter holds two general membership meetings each year.

  • We gather as a chapter during the Fall Conference of LREDA in October
  • We meet at our Spring Retreat in early March
  • We have a monthly online forum called the Religious Professionals Support Group which convenes on the first Wed/Thu (rotating) of each month at 11 am MST where we explore challenges and discuss best practices in religious education.
  • Other meetings occur throughout the year either online or as a gathered community, such as District Annual Meetings.

Join us on Facebook!

We have a Facebook group for support and information sharing.  Come join the conversation!

What does the MDD LREDA Chapter offer you?

Being a Liberal Religious Educator is a unique role, with an incredibly wide variety of tasks, challenges and joys. Becoming a member gives you:

  • Collegial networking and support
  • Sharing of resources, inspiration, encouragement, ideas
  • Planning for future meetings, retreats and furthering education and leadership opportunities
  • Our Spring retreat focuses on the above as well as time and space for personal renewal and worship together

We also have a Good Officer to support you when professional issues arise. Our Good Officer is the esteemed DRE Eleanor Van Deusen, from Foothills UU in Fort Collins, CO.  Her email is:  eleanorv@foothillsuu.org. For more information about the Good Officers program, click here.

Members of the Mountain Desert District Chapter of the Liberal Religious Educators (MDD LREDA) may request funds for professional development, seed money for programs and events that support ministry to children family & youth, and other professional or congregational support. The MDD LREDA officers will evaluate each request. Click here to apply.

How Do I Join?

Annual dues are $25, with $5 going to our Caring Fund for our membership. Our online registration form for both new and renewing members can be found here.

Current Officers

  • Past Chair – Liz Brewer Martin
  • Current Chair – Jessica Laikeman
  • Chair-Elect – Erin Kenworthy

*Membership dues in continental LREDA is $175. ($50 for student/new member) LREDA offers a wide range of services to all members including an annual conference, code of professional practice, good officers, best practices in Lifespan Faith Development.

Featured image by John Morgan, used under Creative Commons licensing.