Saturday March 27, 2010 9am-2pm

EVENT LOCATION: Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder
5001 Pennsylvania Avenue, Boulder, CO

In the United States and in our religious communities discussions involving class and classism are often more taboo than conversations about sexuality. Meanwhile, the gap between the rich and everyone else is the greatest it has ever been and the recent economic downturn leaves most feeling anxious about the future. For many of us, our ability to understand what’s happening is thwarted by myths about a classless society even though our own experiences say otherwise.

This highly participatory workshop is designed to:

  • Introduce a framework for understanding social class
  • Explore individual, cultural, and institutional classism
  • Examine the hidden advantages and penalties embedded in a purportedly fair and neutral economic system

Plan now to send a team from your congregation!

  • Pre-registration is required by March 22nd
  • Congregational team of 4: $100 ($25/per person) Individual: $35/each
  • Registration fee includes lunch and materials