The Mountain Desert District serves more than 50 congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association in 8 states in the Mountain West. We are a member district of the Pacific Western Region, which stretches from West Texas to Hawaii.

For information about our District Office and Staff, please click here. For a directory of our congregations, please click here.

Mountain Desert District proudly supports the work of partner organizations:

The Freedom Fund


The Freedom Fund seeks to ensure that all Colorado women have equal access to reproductive options and are empowered to exercise their right for reproductive self-determination. The Freedom Fund provides financial assistance to low-income women who make the difficult decision to end their pregnancy. 
We work with several providers in the Denver Metro area who determine the amount of financial help a woman needs in order to have her abortion. They then bill us for that amount which is within the budget established between The Fund and the provider. 
Women come to The Freedom Fund in crisis and in need of assistance. We need your support to continue this important work. Please consider becoming a friend of The Freedom Fund and make a donation on our page today. Thank you!