Teaching English as a Second Language in Fort Collins

The social justice team at Foothills Unitarian Church in Fort Collins, CO, has taken on the work of teaching English as a second language to immigrants and temporary residents in their community.

Building on the UUA Statement of Conscience titled Immigration as a Moral Issue, these volunteers are making a real difference.

Students in the programs are not required to prove American citizenship. Wagner said her students are typically “immigrants, refugees or temporary residents.” Hall said most of her students are mothers of school-age children, consistent with The Family Center’s main clientele.

No matter their length of stay in Fort Collins, Center for Adult Learning ESL Instructor Alex Bricker said basic English can make a huge difference in his students’ quality of life.

“You have to know English to get from A to B here,” he said. “There are basic life skills they’re missing out on without it — What bus do they use? How do they get something at the grocery store?”

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Featured image by Kevin Galens, used under Creative Commons Licensing.