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MDD Chalice Lighters – Winter Call for UU Fellowship of Bozeman Montana

Make Your Winter Call Contribution Dear Chalice Lighters Member, First I would like to thank you for participation in Chalice Lighters! Your support, and that of others like you, has brought many wonderful achievements to our faith in our district including hiring of new congregational staff, building purchase and remodeling. In the spirit of partnership with the other districts in the Pacific Western Region, MDD will have only two Chalice Lighters Calls this fiscal year ending in June 2017. Next year we will have three…

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New Pacific Western Region Youth Scholarship Process!

Pacific Western Region (PWR) Youth Event  Scholarship Application The purpose of the Youth Program Scholarship Fund is to make YRUU experiences accessible to as many individuals as possible. The expectation is that for our youth to grow, it takes a commitment from the youth, their congregation, and the larger movement; therefore all applicants are expected to also seek funds from their home congregation, fundraising, etc.  Preference with be given to youth with proposals that include multiple sources of funds to supplement their scholarship. YRUU in…

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UU Church of Ogden Designated Breakthrough Congregation

Mountain Desert District congregations are busting out all over: the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ogden, Utah, has also been designated a Breakthrough Congregation by the UUA for 2014. Click the right and left arrows on the image above for more pictures! From the UU World: Look around the sanctuary on a Sunday morning at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ogden, Utah, and you’ll see children of all ages sitting with their parents. If you weren’t paying attention, you might have missed that they weren’t sung…

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