Office Administrator – Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder

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Reports to: Minister

Hours: 24 hours per week, as follows

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Sunday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm


The Office Administrator supports the mission of UUCB by providing administrative excellence and offering a spirit of hospitality to all who enter.

Our Mission

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The Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder will become a beacon of liberal religion, committed

  • Nurturing the spiritual growth of our diverse and multigenerational religious community;
  • Fostering ministry and hospitality between and among our members, friends and visitors;
  • Actively promoting Unitarian Universalist values here and in the wider world;
  • Sustaining these efforts through our culture of social justice and generosity.

UUCB is an equal opportunity employer.


In addition to the regular tasks outlined below, the Office Administrator works to meet the occasional needs of the Board of Trustees and wider church community.

The Minister works with the Office Administrator to establish work priorities and to balance workload with hours allotted for the position.

Office Organization

  • Develop and continuously refine office procedures and document in an Office Procedures Manual
  • Maintain office efficiency by planning and implementing office systems, layouts and equipment procurement as needed
  • Provide access to authorized individuals to office safes
  • Procure supplies as needed, or requested by staff, using UUCB credit card, where appropriate
  • Maintain filing electronic and physical systems for official documents
  • Receive quarterly reports from bookkeeper and report to Minister any spending trends that seem to over budget
  • Schedule regular safety/insurance audit provided by the insurance provider, with appropriate staff and committees
  • Schedule rooms for UUCB activities and post Calendar on UUCB Website and bulletin board.
  • Maintain data on UUCB membership and contact information, using current UUCB applications
  • Add and maintain returning visitor data to membership database
  • Train leadership on database capability and provide query reports as needed
  • Answer phone and email inquiries, forwarding information to the appropriate staff or church volunteer
  • Sort and forward mail; log invoices and received payments and forward to bookkeeper
  • Maintain list of building keys and check out to authorized users
  • Check building status and forward issues to Building and Grounds committee
  • Maintain lost and found articles
  • Participate in church Task Force meetings when necessary
  • Attend monthly staff meetings

Assist Minister

  • Help set up for classes including shopping for food, drink, table and chair setup
  • Print/copy for minister when necessary
  • Help schedule meetings

Sunday Service

  • Prepare and print Sunday Order of Service with input from worship leaders and participants
  • Assist in preparation of office and building for Sunday Services
  • Assist Usher in counting Offering
  • Answer visitor and member questions
  • Staff Welcoming Table for up to 10 minutes after worship starts to greet latecomers


  • Post staff blogs, announcements and articles on UUCB Website Newsletter page
  • Act as primary Website Administrator
    • Solicit and post photos and stories for site
    • Upload audio recordings to website; manage podcast folder
    • Update designated documents on UUCB Website member page
  • Post Events and other items of interest on UUCB Facebook and Twitter
  • Coordinate event announcements with Front Range UU churches
  • Advertise events in community as needed
  • Assemble and publish email announcement and hard copy of monthly newsletter (Clear Light Messenger).
  • Assemble and publish weekly email newsletter (Midweek Messenger)
  • Assemble mailings (hard copy and/or email) as needed by staff and committees
  • Publish monthly Member and Friend directory and photo directory
  • Review and approve access requests for member page of UUCB Website
  • Maintain UUCB digital and main bulletin boards and update brochures in conjunction with the appropriate committee
  • Receive from appropriate parties and then collates and makes available the annual committee reports, the draft annual budget, and the proposed officer slate for the UUCB Annual Meeting

Facility Usage

  • Respond to building use inquiries and show the facility to potential users.
  • Fill out short term Facility Use agreements.
  • Forward long term requests to the Facility Use/Lease Committee.
  • Consult with the committee on special requests and discounts.
  • Interface with users, resolving issues where possible and referring serious issues to the appropriate committee.


  • Contribute to UUCB staff team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Interface with UUCB task forces, committees and ministries to represent Office functions, resources and requirements: such as Risk and Safety, Audio Visual, and Communications.
  • Other duties as needed


  • Administrative writing
  • Managing processes
  • Developing Procedures
  • Reporting Skills
  • Supply Management
  • Database skills
  • WordPress skills
  • Google Docs/Google Drive experience
  • Microsoft Office skills
  • Facebook skills