New Pacific Western Region Youth Scholarship Process!

Pacific Western Region (PWR)

Youth Event 

Scholarship Application

The purpose of the Youth Program Scholarship Fund is to make YRUU experiences accessible to as many individuals as possible. The expectation is that for our youth to grow, it takes a commitment from the youth, their congregation, and the larger movement; therefore all applicants are expected to also seek funds from their home congregation, fundraising, etc.  Preference with be given to youth with proposals that include multiple sources of funds to supplement their scholarship.

YRUU in PWR inspires youth to: 

  • Articulate beliefs
  • Develop spiritual practice
  • Engage in justice making rooted firmly in faith, love and trust
  • Foster personal and religious resilience. 

Scholarships will be given to applicants who demonstrate the ability to make an impact on their home congregation by continuing these practices after the event.

For more info and to apply go here!