Front Range Staff Development Day

I am delighted to welcome Jan Gartner and Alicia Forde, from the UUA office of professional development. They are the dynamic duo for professional development in our Unitarian Universalist tradition. I know it will be helpful to have voices from a wider perspective to inform conversations.

I hope you will bring your full staff team to this day long opportunity for learning, conversation and team building. The focus will be on developing strong program staff teams. Understanding the worship, pastoral, prophetic, education and outreach aspects of the ministry provides administrative staff with the “big picture of congregational life” within which they work. Of course, the decision about who to invite is completely up to you. All will be welcome!

~Nancy Bowen

Growing Edges, Naming Elephants, Pushing Envelopes

Front Range Staff Development Day

Thursday, September 11, 2014 from 9:30 -3:00

UU Church of Boulder
5001 Pennsylvania
Boulder, CO 80303

$10 per person for lunch and presenter

Facilitated by Jan Gartner:

In this era of rapid changes and adaptive challenges, it’s more critical than ever for congregational staff to work effectively as a team. So, what does it mean to be a team anyway? Can we leverage the best of both hierarchy and collaboration? Are we making the most of each other’s gifts? Are we demonstrating the values of our faith community in our staff relations? What gets in the way? We’ll go wide and deep in a conversation that you are likely to find clarifying, comforting…and, at times, complicating. Most important of all is that we’re having the conversation together.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead you in a day of thought-provoking activities in a safe, sacred, stimulating space! Rev. Alicia Forde, my Professional Development teammate, will join me.

Jan Gartner serves as Professional Development Associate for Religious Education and Music Leaders in the UUA Professional Development Office. She focuses on equipping musicians and religious educators, supporting professional transitions, and strengthening staff teams. Jan telecommutes from her home near Rochester, NY.

Rev. Alicia Forde serves as Professional Development Director in the Ministries and Faith Development Staff Group. She is our MDD colleague having served the Namaqua congregation for several years. She continues to live in Longmont, CO though few of us see her often enough.

This event has concluded.