UU Boulder Designated a Breakthrough Congregation

Congratulations to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, CO, which is recognized as a 2014 Breakthrough Congregation by the UUA! You can click the forward and back arrows on the image above to see more great pictures. From the UU World: Today when you walk up the sunny pathway to the church on a Sunday morning, you’re met with radical hospitality, as two smiling congregants—one is from the rapidly growing young adult group—greet everyone before they reach the front door. Inside the sanctuary, built in…

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Peter Bowden Leads Growth Workshop in Colorado Springs

Six MDD member congregations are sponsoring “Growing UU Membership Using Social Media and Visitor Integration Strategies Workshop” with nationally known growth, outreach and media consultant Peter Bowden. The event will take place at High Plains Church, UU, Colorado Springs, on Saturday, October 4, 2014. Early Bird registration is open until September 15th. Social media is fundamentally changing how people form relationships, consume information and make important life decisions. This has significant implications for congregations, especially with regard to how we share our news and announcements, and…

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Pacific Western Region Seeks Interim Youth Ministry Specialist

This is a full-time interim position that will oversee and advise on Youth Ministry programs in the Pacific Western Region (PWR) from September 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015. NOTE: During this interim period, PWR staff will consider how best to continue support of youth ministry in the context of the whole region and staff portfolios. The Interim Specialist will not be eligible for the permanent position. Download the full job description here:  To apply, email resume and cover letter to the Rev. Nancy Bowen, Regional…

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Front Range Staff Development Day

I am delighted to welcome Jan Gartner and Alicia Forde, from the UUA office of professional development. They are the dynamic duo for professional development in our Unitarian Universalist tradition. I know it will be helpful to have voices from a wider perspective to inform conversations. I hope you will bring your full staff team to this day long opportunity for learning, conversation and team building. The focus will be on developing strong program staff teams. Understanding the worship, pastoral, prophetic, education and outreach aspects…

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Chalice Lighters 2014: Durango

I am delighted to ask for your Chalice Lighter support for the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango (CO). After a few years of careful planning and the completion of a comprehensive “To Do” list improving their building and other part time staff positions they are prepared to support professional ministry for the first time. The congregation has hired the Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris as their first ministerial partner. Please join them in celebrating this important step in their congregational history. The congregation has a responsible financial…

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MDD At General Assembly!

Video by artists at The Sanctuaries in Washington, D.C. This week marks the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly of Congregations, held in Providence, RI. Read all about it here! The theme for General Assembly 2014 is Love Reaches Out. Religious life in America is changing dramatically and rapidly. Fewer people are identifying with specific denominations and most mainline religions are losing members in droves. People now find many outlets and places of engagement for their spiritual lives. Current studies of faith in America show that…

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Sabbatical Announcement for Nancy Bowen

Friends, One of the privileges of working for the Unitarian Universalist Association is their policy of granting staff regular sabbatical leave. Every seven years we are offered 13 weeks of sabbatical for study, professional development and reflection.  As I complete nine years of service in MDD I will be on sabbatical between May 18 and August 11.  I will be exploring effective organizational change methods to support our four pacific western districts and codify our collaborative work together. If you need congregational services during this time…

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Spirit QUUest Seeks Campers!

This meaningful and energizing experience for rising 6th-8th graders has all the fun of summer camp plus worships, workshops and spiritual development rooted firmly in UU faith. The new Director, Beth Chronister – ministerial intern at First Universalist in Denver, has a great leadership team with many years of experience between them. The camp takes place July 6-12, 2014 at La Foret outside Colorado Springs. REGISTER TODAY!

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Standing on The Side of Love

Teaching English as a Second Language in Fort Collins

The social justice team at Foothills Unitarian Church in Fort Collins, CO, has taken on the work of teaching English as a second language to immigrants and temporary residents in their community. Building on the UUA Statement of Conscience titled Immigration as a Moral Issue, these volunteers are making a real difference. Students in the programs are not required to prove American citizenship. Wagner said her students are typically “immigrants, refugees or temporary residents.” Hall said most of her students are mothers of school-age children,…

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